Mountain biker confronted by terrible trail obstacle, in Chopwell Wood.

The tension around mountain bike trail use has yet again revealed itself. This time, near Gateshead.

A rider using the popular Powerline mountain bike trail was confronted with a terrifying man-made obstacle, earlier this week.

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The unnamed mountain biker, who was merely riding along on the designated Powerline trail in Chopwell Wood, had his progress impeded by a wooden tri-spike structure.

Fortunately, the rider sighted this frightening obstacle in time, and could slow to avoid a nasty accident.

Northumbria police responded to the incident and have confirmed that the tri-spike structure has been removed. They also cautioned that any obstruction of official cycling routes could cause serious harm to riders and was plainly unacceptable.

Better weather, more riding – and managing tension

With the increase in trail use, as more outdoor enthusiasts seek the relief of activity, the issue of tolerance and mutual respect becomes paramount.

The Powerline mountain bike trail was originally facilitated by the Forestry Commission, in partnership with the North East Freeride Association. Time, funds and effort were invested to bring this trail to fruition and any sabotaging of it, is deeply regrettable.

Northumbria police have requested that any suspicious behaviour in Chopwell Wood, be reported to them.

As summer edges closer, forests will grow busier with a greater number of riders, runners and walkers about. Any sabotaging behaviour directed against mountain bikers, when rolling along official trails, undoes the principle of outdoor stewardship.