A calendar for your bouncy bits

The ShockPro application works in combination with Strava (sorry!) to track the number of hours per component between service intervals.

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ShockPro app need to know

  • Track multiple components and bikes
  • Customisable maintenance intervals
  • Weather and race activity accelerations
  • Customisable component naming
  • Unlimited number of non-suspension or miscellaneous components
  • Fork, shock and dropper post settings
  • Free (Android and iPhone)

The ShockPro does not connect to your fork or shock. It’s not one of those performance assessing data-logger things. It’s an app that connects to your Strava account and keeps an eye on how many miles you’ve done on your bike(s) and sends you warnings via email as when it’s time to think about service your boingy bits.

You can also store your suspension settings in the app as well, as a reminder (PSI, rebound and compression clicks).

In many ways it’s just a glorified calendar but we reckon there’s plenty of riders out there who would appreciate this bike-specific suspension-focussed app. It’s actually rather a manual-input app; you’ll need to research and then input what your fork/shock service internals are.

The flip side to this is that you can input the service interval period of your choice. Like a lot of folk, you may wish to continue with your existing annual send-away full service in, say, the start of the year and use the ShockPro app as a means of reminding you when to do a quick strip-down and re-lube job at home.

It also works retrospectively if you tell it when the last service was (or when you first purchased your fork/shock/bike). So yes, chances are the first thing it may tell you is that your fork is already past its service due date(!)