Shimano STEPS users can now access all the data from their eMTB rides

Whilst not be a totally groundbreaking new development, Shimano’s new E-Tube Ride app could help drive the cost of eMTBs down.

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Features of the E-TUBE RIDE app

  • Display of important riding metrics such as Speed, Gear, Distance, Support Mode, Automatic Shifting Gear, Torque level, Time of Day, Lights, Battery level and Remaining Distance.
  • Display of warnings, such as low battery life or other system issues (eg speed sensor out of alignment, drive unit calibration needed, etc), which are linked to a web address for on-the-go additional explanations
  • Regional customisations such as language and metric/imperial measurements
  • Colour displays to quickly illustrate support modes
  • Touch screen technology, meaning the screen display can be easily customised whilst riding with pinch or swipe motions

Offered as an alternative to using the Shimano STEPS system computer display, it means that manufacturers could soon be supplying bikes that require riders to carry a smartphone to help operate their chosen bike. The new app will be compatible with E8000 and E7000 MTB systems as well as the city/trekking and commuter E6100 and E5000 systems.

Screens are colour coded to match power modes.

You can customise the data fields to display as much (or as little) as you want to see.

There is of course a slight quirk with the new E-Tube Ride app as it requires the use of a new, proprietary Bluetooth device to enable communication between your phone and bike. The new EW-EN100 bluetooth device will pair your phone with your bike and handle the transfer of information. The device also contains a toggle switch that allows you to change drive unit support modes instead of using the switch on the left hand side of the handlebar, which brings the potential to create an even more economical e-bike.

You can even see how fast you’re walking!

The new E-TUBE RIDE app is now available to download from iPhone or Android app stores.