Still 10 speed. Still great value.

The new Shimano Deore M6000 is still 10 speed but it benefits from several features previously only found on XTR and XT components.

Before you get too excited, it’s not 11 speed. Deore remains steadfastly 10 speed.

So there’ll be no budget replacements available when you need to replace your 11 speed SLX/XT/XTR bits and bobs.

And if you end up with Deore M6000 stuff on your next off-the-peg bike, you’ll not have a straightforward upgrade path to 11 speed.

For the time being, SLX remains the cheapest 11 speed drivetrain component option from Shimano.

Shimano Deore FC-M6000 chainset

deore m6000

There’s also no mention of single ring systems with Deore M6000. Only double or triple chainsets are mentioned by Shimano in the accompanying press release bumf. Speaking of the chainsets, they’ve inherited the swish 4-arm Hollowtech II one-piece composite design of XTR/XT.

Of course you can run a 10 speed single ring drivetrain with Deore M6000 but it’ll be something that you put together yourself rather than something you can buy as an existing kit.

Shimano CS-HG500 11-14T cassette

Technically not Deore M6000 but still… the slight nod towards acknowledging that 1x has taken over the (real) world is the inclusion of a wide range 11-42T 10 speed cassette (CS-HG500).

Shimano Deore RD-M6000-GS clutch mech

deore m6000

The RD-M6000-GS rear mech is now a Shadow RD+ clutch mech which, we assume, has been reworked to have a B-tension screw capable of accommodating the 11-142T cassette. It was only mid-length cage Deore mechs that were available with clutch previously, now all M6000 Deore rear mechs are clutchy.

There are three front mechs (remember them?) available in a variety of mountings and swingings.

Shimano Deore SL-M6000 shifters

deore m6000

The shifters have been reworked a bit and still feature visual displays for checking what gear you’re in. You can remove the displays if you feel like it though.

Shimano Deore M6000 disc brakes

Perhaps the items of most interest to most riders will be the new hydraulic disc brakes. Any new disc brake from Shimano is of interest – entry-level price ones even more so.

deore m6000

The BL-M6000 levers offer Servo wave high power function. The BR-M6000 callipers will accommodate Ice Tech finned pads (although they won’t come supplied with finned pads, just regular pads).

deore m6000

Anything else? Hubs with Centerlock disc mounts and a 100mm x 15mm ‘E-thru’ axle.

Shimano PD-ED500 SPD Trail pedal


Oh, nearly forgot. There’s a new SPD clipless pedal. Although not technically part of the new Deore range (it bears the series code PDED500 rather than M6000) the new budget-range SPD Trail pedal is reportedly priced inline with Deore M6000 and will be a frequent pairing.

Long live Deore

Not every can afford – or is comfortable shelling out for – XTR or XT stuff. Shimano’s Deore range has always been very much a practical, no-nonsense, well-performing bunch of components.

It’s weightier than XT/XTR and a tad less snicky-clicky and crisp but it works and works well no matter what sort of muck you drag it through or what degree of hamfisted pilot input you throw at it.

We’re looking forward to getting our grubby mitts on some Deore M6000 stuff and seeing how it performs out on the trails.