Gangly-man style

How is such a lanky rider so stylish and graceful on a mountain bike? Once again Semenuk defies logic and gives us a film called  ‘Inertia’.

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Brandon Semenuk and his filmic partner in crime Rupert Walker have ditched any ‘RAW’-style natural soundtrack vibe and gone heavy on the music here. The three and a half minute film is soundtracked by a Gary Glitter-esque (can we even say that name anymore?) stomp-a-longa instrumental

The result is really rather nice. The first minute or so is all very Semenuk but then somewhere around the minute and a half mark it changes pitch somehow and enters a different sort of… thing. Attitude? Amplitude? Altitude?

The Glitter Band pack up their instruments and some (rather unfortunate to be fair) Nickelback-ish music comes on. Yes, you may wish to turn the volume down at this point. But don’t stop watching.

Because you will miss a delightful can-can and then there’s a backflip off a berm/banking that is simply divine to watch.

It’s only at around this point that you appreciate/realise that Semenuk is riding a full-on downhill bike. You’d be forgiven for assuming he was on his little Trek Ticket slopestyle bike or something the way he throws it around.

Video description

Red Bull: “There’s not much to say when Brandon Semenuk puts out a new cut with his partner-in-crime, Rupert Walker. You’ve seen the Raw 100 vids. So here’s what we’ll say: if you’re after three minutes of Semenuk at his best, this ones for you. “