The enigmatically brilliant Canadian proves that his riding sources inspiration, from a world where gravity and physics don't ordinarily apply.

The latest instalment in Brandon Semenuk’s Raw video series, once again showcases the Canadian’s outrageous riding talent, for all to enjoy.

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Brandon Semenuk’s riding defies description. The Canadian has been captivating audiences with his outrageously smooth and choregraphed edits for more than a decade.

Although his competitive freeride mountain biking credentials are inarguable (three Rampage titles), the British Colombia native prefers to solo. Working on project that entail the meticulous building of massive jumps and features, which he then links with uncanny ability, is where Semenuk’s freestyle mountain biking thrives.

The latest release in Red Bull’s Raw 100 series uses an abandoned mine in Merritt, British Columbia, as it location. On his Trek, Semenuk absolutely dominates the outrageous terrain.

A sequence of flips, spins and impossibly smooth scrubs follow. The typical crux move, right at the end, is something that is best watched to be comprehended.

Keeping it real – on a 26″

If one rider is going to keep the 26” mountain bike wheel size relevant for many more years to come, it might be Brandon Semenuk. He prefers the smallest wheel size for its agility and stability in the air.

Larger wheels are more likely to create a sail affect, in even the mildest of crosswinds. Which is hardly what you want to experience, when launching off a huge jump and attempting to flip through a daring range of motion.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Red Bull’s Raw 100 series, is the absence of a musical score or narration. The pure sound of a mountain bike, as it navigates terrain, piloted by one of the most talented riders ever, is blissful.

The swarming bee sound of his rear hub on its overrun. The shriek of abruptly clamped brakes. And those tyres rolling at ridiculously lean angles. It is pure fantasy riding, but a truly fantastic rider.