One thousand seconds of pure aural and visual bliss

The Red Bull RAW 100 series of films is a modern marvel of mountain biking media. One hundred seconds of pure creativity and inspiration.

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Here we celebrate them and round them all up in one handy place for your viewing pleasure. And what pleasure it is.

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1. Brendan Howey Ultimate Flow RAW 100

Shot by Rupert Walker.

The very latest RAW 100 sees the undisputed master of RAW 100 filming – Rupert Walker – team up with a newbie in the series called Brendan Howey. This episode is much less flashy and in-yer-face than other RAW 100 edits. Some may find its subtlety a bit lacking. Others will love it. Most will fail to realise that Howey’s is casually flicking around a full-on DH bike in this edit.

2. Brandon Semenuk v3 RAW 100

Shot by Revel Co.

Semenuk does it again indeed. This is surely a lot of people’s favourite so far in the RAW 100 series. Frankly ree-donk-u-lous skills on show from Mr Semenuk. And how hard do his tyres sound here?

3. Matty Miles Trail Destruction RAW 100

Shot by Rupert Walker.

Something a bit more rough around the edges from Matty Miles and Rupert Walker here. There’s no overgroomed hardbaked slopestyle dirt jumping going on here. Just total shredding of loam at high velocity.

4. Brandon Semenuk Slopestyle in the Woods RAW 100

Shot by Rupert Walker.

This is certainly one to show your mate who keeps preaching the longer, lower, slacker, bigger wheeling train of thought/hype at you. Semenuk looks far too big for his bike in this video. That bike looks rinky dink. And yet… look at him go. Maybe it’s not about the bike after all.

5. The Beauty of Action Sports RAW 100

Shot by Zac Moxley.

Red Bull’s RAW 100 series isn’t actually just about mountain bikes. There’s all sorts of sports featured. And this RAW 100 features a lot of them altogether. A super nice merging of outdoor adrenaline seekers and pleasure chasers.

6. Bas van Steenbergen in British Colombia RAW 100

Shot by Liam Mullany.

If you have sub-woofers, connect ’em and turn ’em up. This is all about the rumble in the jungle. This is a great example of wirecam-work (from an era before everyone had drones). We’d like to see more use of wirecams in the woods please!

7. Mike Hopkins Enduro Playground RAW 100

Shot by Scott Secco.

Something pleasingly different for this RAW 100 episode. Sure, there’s some rippingly good riding on display but there’s also puncture repairs, squirrel feeding, diary writing, bothy biking, climbing(!), sunsets, hooting owls and many more glories of nature.

8. Anthony Messere’s Backyard Dirt Jumps RAW 100

Shot by Rupert Walker.

If you like the sound of buzzing freehubs you’re in for a real treat here. In these one hundred seconds, Anthony Messere is in the air for most of them. BUZZING MATE! This is possibly the most aurally hypnotic of all the RAW 100s.

9. Cody Kelley Moonlit Utah RAW 100

Shot by Justin Olsen.

A subtle bit of post-processing work has gone into making this a very, very eye-catching bit of mountain bike movie making. Shot on a modern digital camera with bonkers high sensitivity to light, there’s apparently no external lighting used in this video. There is however, plenty of post-production boosted yellow and blues. And it looks amazing.

10. Brandon Semenuk Pristine Slopestyle RAW 100

Shot by Rupert Walker.

The original but is it still the best? Yeah, it probably is innit? From the moment where Semenuk’s hands fly out off the bars with a small accompanying “woomph!”, this is absolutely stunning.