Ideal for getting someone back in the saddle


If you’re after an electric bike for trekking or commuting – or just because you’re e-curious – then this Gtech machine is well worth checking out.

You may also be getting fed up with your friends and family asking you about e-bikes for them. Heaven knows we’re being perma pestered by parents asking about bikes to get them back in the saddle again. Well, send them this link to this bike in the Black Friday sales.

Although Gtech aren’t a brand you’ll know from mountain biking they are a big player in electric bikes as well as electronics in general.

In case you’re wondering where the motor is – as it’s not in the middle/BB area of the bike like a lot of e-MTBs – the high torque 36V motor is in the rear wheel. The attendant 36V lithium-ion battery is in the usual spot on the down tube.

There’s hydraulic disc brakes as standard, a RockShox suspension fork, a suspension seat post for comfort, 1×10 drivetrain and 27.5 x 2.35in tyres for decent traction on varied surfaces.

Whilst this bike isn’t a full-on aggro MTB for ragging trails on, it is a well designed all-rounder for folk who want to do some light off-roading and generally go anywhere that other e-commute style bikes will flounder.