The brand's 140mm travel 29er trail bike

A quick splurge all about the release of the second generation of the Santa Cruz Hightower: the brand’s 140mm travel 29er trail bike.

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The second generation of the Santa Cruz Hightower

The Hightower and Maverick [female-centric Juliana version] are quintessential ‘all points in between’ bikes, ideal for days when steep, chunky descents come courtesy of a big-ass climb. The 140mm of VPP® lower-link-driven rear travel is paired with a 150mm fork, and momentum-maintaining, rock-eating, 29-inch wheels. As usual, both bikes get a swathe of material choices, spec, Reserve upgrade options, and will fit a water bottle in the main triangle.

Like all Santa Cruz and Juliana Bicycles, the frames have a lifetime warranty, as well as free lifetime bearing replacement. And if you upgrade to Reserve wheels, you get one more lifetime warranty.