Temptations from ENVE, Chris King, Intense and more.

Bristol based distributor Saddleback have been showing their bling bike brands this week. Here’s our pick of the considerable bunch.

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Saddleback’s annual expo is sadly only open to members of the cycle trade, we were invited along to take a sneak peek at all the goodies their brands have to offer UK riders.

Saddleback have been busy in recent months acquiring several much sought after and highly regarded mountain bike brands, taking them from being principally a ‘road only’ distributor to one that’s more at the heart of the mountain bike scene.

1. Digital urban camo Alchemy Arktos

You might not have heard of Alchemy but they have been making waves over in the US for a few years. Gaining popularity and kudos by providing an almost bespoke product that really performs. The Arktos is a 150mm travel trail or enduro bike. Alchemy say that this is the bike that should appeal most to UK riders…

2. Intensely stealthy M16

Intense have had a widespread revamp and re-launch of their range (more of those shortly). Now all bikes are available in several build options, plus you can go understated or wild with the paint jobs. This monochrome M16 is almost in-yer-face stealthy (if there can be such a thing!)…

3. This hotrod

Yep, you can shove bikes in the back and everything.

4. Stages power meter cranks for off-road

Something discreet but highly techno for those that like their stats and graphs. Haven’t you ever accidentally swiped to the ‘power’ screen of a ride on Strava and had a little wonder as to what it’s all about..?

5. Red, white ‘n’ blue Troy Lee Designs D2 full facer

Making America great again by the spirit of Evel Knievel

6. This whole wardrobe while you’re at it

Troy Lee Designs have just unveiled their new 2016 season of riding clobber. And mighty stylish it is too. There’s something for all sorts of riders too these days, not just pyjama wearing downhill racers.

7. Fruit Salad Intense Recluse

So intense (sorry! again!) is this paintjob that it pretty much melted the sensor of our camera. Sorry for the exposure issue. We’re not sure your eyes are ready for an accurate representation of this Intense Recluse‘s colourway yet anyway…

8. The Holy Church of SiDI

For the XCO riders – SiDi produce a full range of disco slippers. All they way up (WAY UP) to the eye-watering £350 SiDi Tiger…

9. Dinky ENVE stems

Now these are stems that are hard to appreciate in a photograph. It’s not until you see and handle one in the flesh that you get a sense of their specialness. Insanely expensive? Yes. Worth it? It’s certainly hard to put one back in the bike shop cabinet after you’ve held one…

10. A buzz of Chris Kings

Some things are a consistent source of joy and appreciation. Do you know anyone who’s owned a product by Chris King who has ever switched back to another brand? There’s a good reason for this. Not just the beautiful colours…

Chris King do some amazing colours and options for hubs, headsets and bottom brackets

And that’s your top ten. We hope you enjoyed poring over these pics as much as we savoured seeing them in the flesh.