It's the little things in life we find

Here are our ten favourite little things from this year’s industry-only Core Bike Show.

New bikes like the DMR Sled will always grab the headlines and that’s all well and good. But most of us aren’t on the lookout for a new bike thanks. But everyone is interested in new accessories, components and just-plain-interesting ideas.

1. Hope carbon bars

We’ve mentioned this handlebar already in our report on the HB.211 carbon enduro bike but it still warrants being listed here. Typically Hope, it’s a bar available in any size you want… so long as it’s black, 780mm wide, 20mm rise and 31.8mm clamp. For now anyway. Price-wise think somewhere between Renthal and ENVE.

2. X-Fusion Manic dropper post

X-Fusion have done away with their previous dropper post guts for the Manic. No more hydraulic damper. Instead there’s a much simpler closed cartridge and an air spring doing the duties. We especially like the cable attachment at the end of the (Stealth-only) post; it’s sprung-loaded and really helps the cable feel accurate and smooth at the lever end of things. Best thing? It’s only £200.

3. Hutchinson Squale

Who isn’t interested in tyres? No one. That’s who. Tyres are ace and ace tyres are even ace-r. Hutchinson tyres have some of the best carcasses out there. Not flimsy, not too heavy, good sealing. The Squale has actually been out for a couple of seasons now but it’s easily overlooked because it’s not from The Usual Suspects of tyre brands.

4. DMR V-Twin pedal

Despite the plethora of flattie clipless pedals coming out at the mo there are still precious few that incorporate a sprung pivoting central body to them (a la the classic Shimano DX design). The DMR V-Twin is one such model. The pedals ship with numerous shims, pins and pegs in the box to fine-tune how your cycling shoe sole interacts with the pedal body. Loadsa colours too.

5. E13 TRS dropper post

See that rubber olive grommet thing in the first pic? That tightens up around the cable outer as top cap is screwed in place. This gets rid of that tiny bit of play in the cable outer oft-found in cable actuated posts that ends up with the remote feeling loose or vague. And how nice is that bar remote? There’s even a handy bit of griptape on the paddle pre-installed. Nice. Price: £259.

6. Knog’s modular PWR stuff

The basic idea of this is that the same battery can be used to power lots of others devices. So you can buy a modest little commuter light and then in the future use the battery from that to power a Bluetooth speaker… or a camping lamp… or a headtorch… or a full-on MTB night ride light. You get the idea. You can also use the battery as a ‘powerbank’ to charge your smartphone.

7. Gore Bike Wear Shakedry

Looks like an inside-out jacket yeah? That’s because it kinda is. Shakedry is a single layer fabric that has the membrane on the outside of the jacket (as opposed to on the inside or else under a top ‘face’ fabric layer). Incredibly breathable. Won’t ever wet-out and stop beading. Sub-100g. Don’t get too excited as this is probably not really robust enough for everyday mountain biking – one crash and it’ll be knacked – but as a piece of cutting edge apparel tech, it’s fascinating.

8. Endura MT500 smock jacket

Endura’s MT500 jacket almost needs no introduction. It’s a modern classic. But Endura felt the need to offer it in a 1/4 zip ‘pullover’ design. Smock jackets aren’t hugely common but they do have their fans who prize their performance. What’s better about a smock? Well the lack of a full zip means the garment fits better in various riding positions, it’ll breath better, it’ll pack down smaller.

9. Endura protoype knee pads with Koroyd

Koroyd is that stuff that looks like a bunch of drinking straws er, bunched together and used as a form of protection. You’ve no doubt seen it used in helmets from Smith Optics (and Endura actually) but this is the first time we’ve seen it in knee pads. Endura are still perfecting the level of flexibility but these should still see the light of day in time for summer.

10. Issi pedal table

Issi importers 2Pure deserve a shout-out for putting together by far the most stylish display of their wares at Core Bike Show. This was their backlit glass-topped table loaded with Issi pedals. Issi pedals are arguably more known on the road scene but they are doing some neat looking caged-clipless style pedals for mountain bikes now.