Up to 2.8" tyres in 27.5" and 29" wheelsizes.

The RockShox Judy was a iconic groundbreaking suspension fork of the 90s and now its back. This time as an entry level fork for Plus bikes.

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The new Judy is built around a totally new chassis. There are clear echoes of the RockShox Pike in the overall stance and profile of the Judy to our eyes.

And although it says they’re for Plus bikes, they’ll still still non-Plus tyres in too, should you wish to.

rockshox judy

Ahh… memories.

There is clearance in the new Judy for tyres up to 2.8″ in size. The 29er Judy will fit 27.5″ x 3.0″ if you want to run Plus tyres bigger than 2.8″ in your 27.5″ bike. Torque Cap compatibility adds additional stiffness.

There are two models in the new Judy ‘range’ (can you call two forks a ‘range’?) – the RockShox Judy Gold RL and the cheaper OEM-only RockShox Judy Silver TK.

RockShox Judy Gold RL

rockshox judy rl

  • 80-120mm travel.
  • Solo Air spring.
  • Boost.
  • Maxle Lite/Stealth.
  • Torque Caps.
  • Motion Control RL damping.
  • OneLoc remote compatible.
  • Fast Black coated stanchions.
  • New air pressure guide “maximises performance for E-MTB applications”.
  • Availability: April 2017.
  • Pricing: £360 to £425.

RockShox Judy Silver TK

rockshox judt tk

  • 80-120mm travel.
  • Solo Air spring.
  • Boost.
  • Maxle Lite/Stealth.
  • Torque Caps.
  • TurnKey damping.
  • PopLoc remote compatible.
  • Steel stanchions with satin nickel finish.
  • New air pressure guide “maximises performance for E-MTB applications”.
  • OEM only.

Other RockShox titbits

Some other noteworthy “MY18 Product Updates and Additions” bits and bobs tagged on to the end of the new Judy news…


“A dedicated, 100 millimeter travel-specific chassis, damper and air spring, precise steering characteristics, and an unmistakable every-gram-counts attitude — each element of SID’s design is focused on winning. The RL model brings Charger 2 damper performance for an unbelievable value.”


“Reba has always signified RockShox quality and performance. Even more so now, with new chassis options that allow Reba to be a frontrunner in any role, from XC to trail riding. With technologies developed in SID, Reba and Revelation, Reba is the one-stop solution to everyone looking for the unmistakable RockShox performance in a proven package.”


“Recon combines Reba’s light weight and Sektor’s stiff chassis with bombproof RockShox steel upper tubes, growing in travel options up to 150mm in 27.5”. And with the addition of its now-standard Motion Control™ RL damper, the re-invented Recon is the new gold standard for fun.”


Aftermarket decal packs in nine different colour options: Stealth, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Grey and White.