Affordable options are always a good thing in our book

Key Points:

  • New additions to Recon, Sektor and 30 ranges
  • All forks come with the Motion Control damper

So what have we got here then?

Basically RockShox has added a few more options to it’s budget fork ranges. The Recon and Sektor ranges both gain a Silver RL model and the 30 range gets a Gold RL.

All these forks come with a Motion Control damper which RockShox uses on higher end forks such as the Revelation and Reba. It’s always good to see trickle down in action on lower-end products.

In essence RockShox is simply giving more choices to riders on a budget, which we reckon has to be a good thing.

Tell me about the Sektor Silver RL

Sektor Silver RL

The Sektor Silver RL falls bang in the middle of the Sektor Gold and Sektor Silver. In essence what you’re getting here is a Sektor Gold but with a weight penalty that comes from having steel, instead of aluminium, stanchions.

Although it’s also worth saying that the Sektor Silver RL does get Motion Control damping which should make it the most capable fork in the range despite the extra mass. The Recon Silver is also compatible with Boost, plus size wheels and the OneLoc remote.

The Sektor Silver RL weighs 2,190 grams (284 grams more than the Gold) and its price is yet to be confirmed.

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Tell me about the 30 Gold RL

30 Gold RL

The 30 Gold RL brings the Motion Control Damper to the 30 range for the first time. It also has a surprisingly low weight of 1,841 grams. Unfortunately it has fewer options than the other forks here with only 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch versions available.

The fork will cost £289 – £357

Tell me about the Recon Silver RL

Recon Silver RL

The Recon Silver RL fork comes with the crown and lower legs of a Reba but steel stanchions.  The new chassis allows it to run shorter stanchions and therefore save a bit of weight.

It now comes as standard with Motion Control damping (that even the Gold TK doesn’t have) and Boost compatibility. The fork has also been updated with graphics that fit the rest of the RockShox range and there are plus size options.

The fork comes in at a weight of 1960 grams and will cost £197 – £248 depending on options.

So when will they be available?

The forks will be available from May 2016.