Protect your e-pride and e-joy

The new e-bike carbon fibre frame protectors from RockGuardZ are designed to protect both the frame and motor from impact damage.

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The RockGuardZ is created from a mould that is taken from specific frames and is then constructed in carbon for a made to measure, clean and durable frame protector.

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RockGuardZ are designed as frame protection for high end and expensive carbon or Alu frames and prevent your bike from being damaged by the impact of stones, rocks or any trail debris.

Prices vary according to the specific model. Examples of the guard for Cube e-bikes (£40) and Specialized Levo/Kenevo e-bikes (£65).

Guards can be created to fit any frame and motor configuration. Available for any e-bikes, if RockGuardZ don’t have your specific bike in stock, you are able to make an appointment and have a guard specifically made for your bike.

RockGuardZ have been making bicycle frame protection and mudguards from their Shropshire HQ for 10 years. Ian Walker founder of RockGuardZ: “Over the last year, we have increasingly received a number of requests for e-bike guards. We have the majority of standard MTB molds now for 2019 bikes and our library of e-bike molds is growing rapidly. Drop us a line and I’m sure we can work out a solution for your bike”.