Sustainable pedal brand, Pembree, has signed the British mountain biking icon as an ambassador.

The voice of competitive mountain biking is back on a boutique pair of flat pedals.

Rob Warner has successfully transitioned from a downhill racing career, during the sport’s infancy, to one of its most celebrated live broadcasters.

For years fans of UCI elite level mountain bike racing have been entertained by Warner’s witticisms and acute insights.

Retaining his riding competency is crucial for Warner. As the first British rider to win a UCI downhill World Cup round, way back in 1996, Warner’s enjoyment of technical riding hasn’t faded.

The animated voice of mountain biking has now partnered with British sustainable component brand, Pembree. It is the fulfilment of a meeting that dates back 17-years, to when Warner first met Pembree owner, Phil Law.

“Back then we spoke about flat pedals at length and since then Phil has studied flat pedals, it’s like a science to him, he’s perfected them and now nearly two decades later he’s gone into production and designed the most stunning flat pedals I’ve ever seen.”

Thinking global – acting local

Pembree’s fabrication is localized, enabling it to claim a very low carbon supply chain footprint. Phil Law’s desire is to bring truly sustainable mountain bike components to market, for the discerning and environmentally aware rider.

Achieving this product cycle and business stability, without product compromise, is Pembree’s mission statement. One of the ways of realising this, is the electricity source to Pembree’s Heathfield factory, powered by sustainable energy.

“Partnering with Rob is huge for Pembree and for me personally having followed his career so closely. Rob will be involved in Pembree’s pedal development using his vast knowledge of riding at the highest level as well as sharing our company’s vision of sustainable manufacturing to a wider audience.”

With his extensive experience of flat pedal mountain bike product evolution, from the early 1990s until now, Rob Warner brings valuable insights to his role as a Pembree brand ambassador.