New report from Cycling UK reveals some startling stats.

The first ever report into off-road cycling in the UK shows that mountain bikers struggle to keep it fully legit when it comes to their routes.

One stat is that almost 80% of mountain bikers surveyed rode on footpaths with at least ‘occasional’ frequency. Amongst the surveyed riders almost a third admitted to riding footpaths ‘at least weekly’.

The report is called ‘Rides of Way: Cycling UK’s Off-Road Report 2017’ and it was commissioned and executed by Cycling UK (formerly known as The CTC) in conjunction with off-road advocacy group OpenMTB.

We featured the report when it was launched back in August 2016. The report garnered an impressive number of responses: 11,482 in total.

Cycling UK hopes the report “will be of use to decision makers at a local and national level, major land owners, the cycling trade and campaigners who are looking for up-to-date information on the cyclists who take to the UK’s trails and tracks every day.”

Four more stand-out stats

What can be done?

Paul Tuohy, Cycling UK Chief Executive, said: “It’s time someone stood up and championed this silent majority. Cycling UK’s Rides of Way report shows most people are clearly frustrated by a system which could be much more accessible. There is so much more we can do to make off-road riding easier without creating conflict, and that will be Cycling UK’s goal as it launches its off-road campaign in the spring.”

As one of its first actions with its new campaign, Cycling UK will look to draw up codes of conduct with other user groups, such as the British Horse Society, and will promote responsible off-road cycling behaviour.