The Trek Fuel EXe is an eBike for riders who want the experience of riding an analogue bike, just with a little boost to help them explore further, ride higher, and get out more.


Imagine an e-bike that doesn’t feel like an e-bike. One that allows you to ride higher, further and faster, but still gives you that nimble, playful feeling of an analogue bike. A bike where the motor is quiet enough that you can enjoy the regular sounds of riding – the whirr of tyres, the rumble of loam, the wind through the trees – without the distracting, intrusive motorised whine.

Introducing the new Trek Fuel EXe, a mid-powered electric mountain bike that has all the capability and lively, fun feel you know and love from the bestselling Trek Fuel full-suspension bike – with a secret ingredient. 

And that ingredient is a motor that’s compact, streamlined, minimalist, and so stealthy that it’s not immediately obvious it is an e-bike at all. In fact, the MBR team have ridden it in plain sight for weeks before it was released, and no-one clocked it was even an e-bike. 

The Trek Fuel EXe – available now

The Fuel EXe is a full-suspension electric mountain bike based around a carbon frame with modern geometry, 140mm rear travel, 150mm front travel, and 29er wheels. 

Available in sizes S to XL and 6 different builds, it offers mid-level pedal-assist support powered by a 360Wh battery and a compact TQ 50Nm motor. 

Discover the new Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike range

Control and data where and when you need it

Trek Fuel EXe display on top tube

All the information you need is within easy, clear eyesight with the OLED display that’s mounted flush into the toptube. Assist mode, range information, power levels and more are all easy to see at a glance. And in keeping with its ‘stealth e-bike’ credentials, from the side you can barely spot there’s a display there at all. 

On the handlebars, a similarly discrete two-button remote allows you to toggle through support modes and the walk assist mode easily. 

Compact, quiet and powerful: the TQ motor

The magic at the heart of the Fuel EXe is in fact high-tech German engineering. The HPR50 motor offers 50Nm of power and was developed through a partnership between Trek and German robotics manufacturer TQ – and it uses an innovative new system to power the ride. 

Rather than chunky, loud belt-and-gear drives that most e-bike motors use, the HPR50 uses a harmonic pin ring transmission system. This provides the magic blend of a motor that’s smaller, quieter, lighter and more durable. 

It weighs in at just 3,900grams, it’s the quietest e-bike motor that MBR have ridden, and it feels smooth and natural everywhere. 

Fine-tune your ride with the Trek Central App

Photo Trek Fuel EXe bike showing app

You can customise the Trek EXe to suit your exact needs with the Trek Central App. This allows you to tweak nearly every aspect of your bike, from how much power or assistance each mode provides to Pedal Response – how quickly the motor kicks in once you apply pressure to the pedal. 

And there’s more. With the Trek Central App in tandem with the onboard TyreWiz and AirWiz, you’ll get suspension and tyre set-up recommendations, plus navigation and range features, activity tracking and even reminders when you need to take your bike for a service!

All together, this means you can ensure you have the perfect set up for each individual rider, for each type of ride, for every type of terrain. Ultimate tunability equals ultimate performance. 

A discreet battery with plenty of power

Trek Fuel EXe with battery in downtube

Of course, to power a motor you need a battery, and that’s traditionally been another area where bulk and weight gets added on to e-bikes. 

The 360Wh battery on the Fuel EXe is located in the down tube behind a discreet casing. It can be easily removed for off-bike charging or transportation, or changed in situ using the port located on the down tube. 

Giving you between two and five hours of riding time, it provides enough juice for everything from laps of your fave track to bigger days out on the hill. 

With a two-hour charge time, it powers up quickly so you don’t miss out on riding opportunities, and there’s also a 160Wh range extender available that sits in the bottle cage and adds around an additional 40% range. 

The range extender can also be used on its own, so if you want a short, light ride, or want to travel overseas via air travel with your e-bike, it makes it all the more possible.

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