Specialized has found an issue with its first-generation e-bikes, and this is what you need to know.

Specialized has announced a voluntary recall for its first-generation Turbo Levo and Kenevo e-bikes.

The issue is only estimated to affect fewer than 15% of the original Turbo Levo and Kenevo fleet, models which featured the assistance-mode control pad on the non-drive side of their downtube.

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According to Specialized, the issue is water ingress around the control pad, which could compromise the battery’s circuitry protection.

Specialized has been transparent about the e-bike that could be at risk, releasing a series of battery part manufacturer numbers, which will indicate whether a specific Turbo Levo or Kenevo is at risk.

You can check your e-bike battery

The dateline for Specialized e-bikes which could have an issue, is 2017-2019. If you are concerned, get that 6mm Allen key and remove your battery. Check the battery parts number against Specialized’s data, which is available here.

If your Turbo Levo or Kenevo battery is affected, Specialized has a plan. The brand’s network of authorised dealers are ready to inspect Specialized e-bikes and repair batteries, if required, for free.

Creating a more sealed Levo and Kenevo control pad

According to the Specialized, the remedy appears to be a better chemical bonding of the control pad, which should create a more waterproof seal and prevent any issues

Integrated e-bike batteries are a proven technology, but as with all things on a mountain bike, it is best to be conversative when using that power washer.