Danny MacAskill and a real live Spitfire, it doesn't get any better than that!

A family day in Ramsgate that involves Danny MacAskill, bike riding, Spitfires and a crazy looking stunt helicopter display. It’s all free too.

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If you’re in the South East looking for something to do with your family next Monday – yep, it’s a Bank Holiday – then here’s an event you should go and check out.

His most iconic move?

This year’s Spring Spectacular has the headline attraction of the inimitable Danny MacAskill and his Drop And Roll Crew. As well as putting on their usual entertaining and jaw-dropping display of trials and tricks, Danny himself will be doing an autograph session and a Q&A session.

If you’ve never seen the Danny and Drop And Roll crew in action then watch the video above. As well the riding the show invovles plenty of suitably raucous music, crowd interaction and plenty of spectator prize giveaways and freebie toss-outs into the crowd.

“Who wants some free brakes then?”

Danny MacAskill timetable

All these events will be tkaing place in the ‘Cycle Zone’ area of the event arena.

SHOW TIMES: 11.30 am and 14.00 pm

AUTOGRAPHS: 12.15 pm and 14.45 pm

DANNY MacASKILL Q&A: 16.00 pm

Spring Spectacular address

Government Acre
Royal  Esplanade
CT11 9PH

You could win this for a quid

Win a bike

There will also be a chance to win a £600 Inspired Flow Plus 24 street trials bike. Buy a £1 ticket to enter into a prize draw.

Remember how it was a YouTube video from Inspired Bicycles that kicked-off the whole Danny MacAskill phenom in the first place..?


Classic fighter planes

Ever seen a real life Spitfire? Ever heard one fire up? Ever seen one fly overhead? Ever seen one in tandem with a Hurricane?

Even if the answer to all of these questions is “yes I have” then you’ll still want to experience it again. And if you’ve never been near a Spitfire before, you need to.

It was the Spitfire and the Hurricane that protected the civilian boats that rescued otherwise stranded soldiers at Dunkirk during the famous evacuation that took place between 26 May and 4 June 1940 during WWII.

Otto in action


Yep, Chopperbatics. Basically this involves an incredibly agile and fast (109mph) little three bladed Schweizer 300c helicopter, called Otto performing all kinds of mad aerial tricks.

DISPLAY TIME: 13.15 pm – Over the sea around Government Acre.