Not many vowels but plenty of fun to be had.

The first in a daily series of Bank Holiday suggestions: go visit Cwmcarn in South Wales and sample the revamped and reopened Twrch trail.

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Cwmcarn has had a funny couple of years of late. Facing competition from nearby rival trail centres such as BikePark Wales and the new school uplift/push-up playgrounds such as Black Mountains Cycle Centre, Cwmcarn’s profile has dipped as it hasn’t had the mouthiest of marketing forces behind it.

It also suffered a whopping 10% drop in visitors in early 2016 due to confusion about its status. After the closure of the forest drive road and the amountof felling and logging that was occurring. Some people thought the whole place had shut down to bikes. This is not the case. Cwmcarn is open and raring to be ridden.

The Cwmdown Uplift service is also now able to reintroduce the Twrch trail back into roster of serviced runs.

What force it has had going for it are the crew of trail builders called the Cwmcarn Trail Crew. And this crew has just announced that it has re-opened the much-loved Twrch trail. The trail had been off-limits due to the aforementioned logging work going on.

Pic: Cwmcarn Trail Crew / Facebook

Pic: Cwmcarn Trail Crew / Facebook

Pic: Cwmcarn Trail Crew / Facebook

But here are the pics and the video to happily reveal that Twrch lives again. Excellent stuff!

As well as the 15.5km Twrch trail there is the Y Mynydd downhill stuff, the 14km Cafall red route, the Pedalhounds downhill stuff and the pump track.

South Wales MTB Ranger via Facebook: “The Twrch MTB trail will fully reopen tomorrow Friday 21st April at 4pm. There is still a bit more work to do on the recently closed section from the Castle Valley section once it has been ridden in a bit, however it’s good to go sooner that we planned due to the dry weather and the work from Ps Cycles Cwmcarn Trail Centre and other contractors. Please take ‘extra care’ on the reopend bit as it will ride a bit differnetly with the trees gone and also the work to clear it. Happy riding and enjoy the new view! From Cwmcarn Trail Crew. Thanks for all your Support. James / Nick / Darrell / Paul.”