This gold standard Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana 29er is built to Yoann Barelli spec.

Yoann Barelli is one of the most popular personalities in enduro mountain biking.

The Frenchman, who now lives in British Columbia, has an exuberant personality to match his outrageous riding style. When things get steep and sketchy, you find peak Barelli.

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Celebrating its new team rider

Earlier this year, Barelli signed with Coloradoan bike brand, Guerrilla Gravity. The company is one of a collection of new American mountain bike brands that build their own frames, instead of using third-party suppliers in Asia.

It was only a question of time before Barelli would get his own Guerrilla Gravity signature bike, and that has now happened.

Named the Rally Like Barelli edition, this is a gold standard Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana.

Rally Like Barelli – for real

Using the 160mm enduro 29er frameset, Barelli has chosen a build that will conquer the most initiating of terrain.

Suspension bits are from RockShox, with a 170mm ZEB at the front, and Super Deluxe shock at the rear. A point to note with the Rally Like Barelli Gnarvana, is that it is not a complete carbon frame. The rear triangle is alloy, unlike the shorter-travel 120mm Trail Pistol, which has now evolved to a full carbon structure.

Barelli’s enormously engaging personality and riding style are matched in theme, by this Gnarvana build kit’s wheels. It rolls Industry Nine Enduro 305 hoops, spinning on hubs with 690 points of engagement.

Hutchinson rubber

The Rally Like Barelli Gnarvana might be all about the descending, but with 0.52° of rear hub engagement, it has the making of an excellent technical singletrack climbing bike, too.

Barelli prefers to run PNW Range handlebars and Loam grips, whilst the cockpit is secured in place by an A35 stem.

Despite Yoann having relocated to Canada a few years ago, the Barelli build had to contain at least a trace of French mountain bike lineage. This is represented by the tyres on this new Rally Like Barelli Gnarvana: Hutchinson Griffus 29×2.5” front and rear.

The Guerrilla Gravity Rally Like Barelli edition is distinguished, in appearance, by its gold foil graphic design details.