Shaping your own carbon-fibre has advantages. As GG's lighter and stiffer Trail Pistol illustrates.

Guerrilla Gravity is finally offering what fans of the Coloradan boutique mountain bike brand have been hoping for: full composite frames.

Since transitioning from metal to carbon-fibre construction a bit more than two years ago Guerrilla Gravity has been innovating. With domestic frame production and advanced source material construction techniques, the Guerrilla Gravity bike portfolio has developed a keen following.

The brand’s Revved carbon employs a patented construction process, that delivers a thermoplastic composite, which has 300% greater impact resistance.

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A lighter, better, trail bike

In a time of unprecedented global supply chain disruption, Guerrilla Gravity’s in-house production has insulated it from the issues that afflict many rivals, with their carbon-fibre frame manufacturing in Asia.

For those Guerrilla Gravity fans who desire a composite rear triangle, this is now a reality. The company has released a Revved carbon rear for its Trail Pistol 120mm 29er trail bike.

Not only is it 300g lighter than the aluminium structure it replaces, but a 50% stiffness gain should make these full carbon Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistols even more responsive in tight radius corners.

Trail Pistol is the first – but not the last to get a carbon rear

The new carbon rear triangle has 430mm chainstays, for all frame sizes, and best of all, it can be purchased and retrofitted to a current Trail Pistol.

An integrated chain slap protector and new rear derailleur routing, which ports through the drive side chainstay, are other features of this carbon-fibre rear-end upgrade from Guerrilla Gravity.

To boost durability, industrial designers have exchanged the Trail Pistol’s seat stay-linkage bearings for IGUS bushings. Rear wheelset dishing requirements are now also zero, as opposed to the 3mm drive side offset that was a function of the Guerrilla Gravity’s aluminium rear-end bikes.

Guerrilla Gravity expects to expand the presence of carbon-fibre rear triangles to its entire bike portfolio, by the end of this year.