No, after you mate

A couple of years ago we asked is the White Line trail the scariest in the world? Here’s Yoann Barelli taking on the infamously spectacular Sedona trail.

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CAUTION: video contains bad language, in an artrajuss Fronch acksont.

In case the embedded caption doesn’t display for some:

“This is #tutotuesday hahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
To learn how to ride the white line in Sedona, read the caption.
To learn how it was in my head when I did it, turn the sound on.
To do both well.. read and listen haha?.
Step 1: watch a few videos of people riding it.
Step 2: go check it out.
Step 3: walk it.
Step 4: think that it’s sketchy but be confident (if you aren’t confident, just don’t force it).
Step 5: acknowledge that if you fall at the wrong spot you could die.
Step 6: do few corners on the rock face to check the traction.
Step 7: get calm and collected.
Step 8: drop in.
Step 9: if you get to this step, good job, you are still alive ?.
PS: nothing is technically hard in this line, but the exposure is real, and if you fall on the wrong spot, shit could go seriously wrong.
PS 2: be humble about this kind of line, do it if you feel it, and do it for yourself, don’t force it or don’t try to prove anything to anyone ?.