Thanks to Magicshine UK we are giving you the chance to win a MyTinySun Folkslight.


The MyTinySun Folkslight won the ‘Best Value’ light in our bar mounted lights test in this month’s magazine.

This is a stunning little bar light for the money with a similar power output to other lights in the test but for a fraction of the price. It has twin LEDs, one wide angle and the other a spot-beam. Using a combination of two buttons on the front and back of the light you can output various light options including an expert mode which gives 7 different modes and 21 different outputs so you can create the light and output settings that suit your style of riding. If you’re a techno geek this light has enough features to keep you busy for hours. Also, a new download is imminent which will allow the Folkslight to respond to it’s integral motion sensor, which means it will give a higher output as you increase speed and a lower output when you reduce speed.


weight: 259g
Lumens: 2200, 1450, 850 (Race Mode)
Run-time: 2, 2.45, 5.3hrs
RRP: £124.96

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