20mm through axle / Alloy rear axle / 4 bearing rear hub / Weight: 213g front, 431g rear / Contact: Hotlines 01208 821775

Sitting one below Sun-Ringle’s top line hubs, the Demons compare directly to Hope’s Pro 2 and BULB. With four cartridge bearings on an aluminium axle and, with triple sprung pawls in a re-buildable freehub body, there are also plenty of mechanical similarities.But the spacer end caps on the front hub separate when you remove the wheel and on the rear wheel the bearing loading end caps are not Loctited into place. Ours came loose after only 10 days of riding. Cone spanner flats make tweaking simple but it’s a job that shouldn’t need doing so soon. During the same period our bearings also became very graunchy and a fair amount
of crud had worked its way inside the hub.
The hubs are not the lightest at over 250g heavier per pair than Hope but, once tweaked, have performed reliably. Pick up is fairly standard and the large flanges can form the heart of a stiff wheel.

MBR Rating: 6