Dropper posts have changed our sport for the better and right now one of the most popular is the RockShox Reverb. As with all new products there’s always a few teething problems and with the Reverb most were down to user error as they struggled with the less-than-slick hose fitting system. While the barb-system on the early posts worked, it was pretty easy to balls it up and end up with a post that could only be saved by SRAM’s warranty department. If you buy a post today it should come with the latest generation barb sleeve – this black collar replaces the polished silver version and rubber cover on the early posts – and strain relief. Unfortunately, it still comes with a 1500mm hose, which is the longest available. For bike manufacturers RockShox produces hose lengths in 1,200, 1,350 and 1,500mm but to be on the safe side for aftermarket it’s stuck with the longest length, which inevitably means you’ll need to cut it down.

Hydraulics can be a little scary, but there’s nothing to fear with the Reverb. Follow this guide and you’ll be amazed by how simple it all is. SRAM thoughtfully supplies pretty much everything that you’ll require packaged with your new post aftermarket. If the post came on your new bike and you’ve damaged the fittings and/or want to run a different remote, you’ll need a specific £39.99 Reverb bleed kit.