P-Dent goes P-Diddy

With new 20mm and 25mm lengths Kirk Pacenti opens up a hole [sic] new world of possibilities with his new P-DENT combo. Bigger dimples equals shorter stems.

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Pacenti P-Dent need to know

  • Carbon bar and CNC alloy stem system combo
  • 25mm and 20mm stem lengths (25mm stem = 130g)
  • Bars in 15mm and 25mm rises (210g and 220g respectively)
  • 800mm wide bars with 5°/7° sweeps
  • 35mm clamp size only
  • 20mm stem $100.00
  • Combo $299.00


Ever wondered why you can’t find stems shorter than 35mm? That’ll be that darned fork steerer tube getting in the way.

Enter Mr Kirk P and his dimpled bar.

Bike industry maverick Kirk ‘650b’ Pacenti came out with the P-Dent ‘work-around’ design back in 2015. This genuinely revolutionary new bar and stem combination allowed users to fit a stem shorter than 35mm – without adding to stack height, unlike some other systems that perch on top of the steerer.

This is the first stem shorter than 35mm that does not come with a height penalty, such as the 10mm Mondraker Forward Geometry system.


The P-Dent system simply adds a dimple in the centre of the handlebar that allows it to wrap around the steerer tube, bringing it closer to the rider and allowing for a shorter stem.

Genius really.

The only problem with P-Dent was… you couldn’t actually buy it. Thankfully, now you can. Well, you can pre-order it now anyway – with a $50.00 early-bird discount – for delivery in March 2018.


Why P-Dent?

“With evolution of bike geometry over the last few years to slacker heads angles, longer top tubes, and steeper seat angles, stem lengths have been shrinking at the same time, while the current crop of stems stops at minimum length of 30mm with the P-DENT system the bar effectively wraps around the steerer tube allowing for a shorter stem down to 20mm in length.

“P-DENT continues a trend toward long and low geometry characterized by longer top tubes and shorter stem lengths. Brands such as Mondraker, Geometron, Pole, and Transition to name a few have been pushing the limits using current available stem lengths. P-DENT, gives the opportunity to explore new avenues of bike fit, while retaining a low front end and traction over the front wheel. You can also use it to upsize a frame if you’re between bike sizes, and there’s plenty of riders that will just appreciate the nimble handling afforded by the bar and stem combo”- Pacenti.

The PDent should help on steep terrain

The PDent should help on steep terrain

Pacenti will begin production with a 25mm stem, roughly a 5mm reduction on the current shortest conventional stem, but there is 20mm stem also available to order “for those who want to experiment with [top tube] length”.

The P-Dent follows current geometry thinking in the bike industry, pioneered by the likes of Chris Porter, that has brought more reach, longer wheelbases and wider bars to modern bikes.


In case you’re wondering, the dimple should not affect the strength of the bar either as Pascal’s testing demonstrates that stresses predominantly fall on the outside of the bar and at the stem clamps.