More options for all you enduroheads.

Morvélo’s Covert range of apparel has built-in ‘hidden’ storage compartments, enabling you to ditch your backpack whilst still having your spares on you.

We’re big fans of riding without a backpack every now and then. It’s not always feasible or desirable to ride without a hydration pack. Long rides where you need full set of spares and lots of water – and rides in changeable weather where you need to remove clothing layers frequently – make a backpack a helpful requirement.

But for shorter rides and rides where you can be confident of consistent weather conditions, heading out without a backpack on is a liberating experience – often addictively so.

If you want an in-depth look at the whys and wherefores of read our guide: How to ride without a backpack. In this guide you’ll see recommended products and you can read just how much weight can be saved by going the backpack-free minimalist route.

morvelo covert

Morvélo Covert base layer £45.00

Morvélo Covert bib shorts from £100.00

Anyway, Morvélo’s Covert range of apparel is all about this sort of thang. The Covert range is comprised of two sorts of bib shorts, a base layer and a gillet. There’s also a collapsible soft flask (water bottle) in the range too.

Morvélo Covert Soft Flask £10.00

There is a men’s Covert collection and a women’s Covert collection.

Although they make MTB kit, Morvélo are arguably better known for their road cyclong clobber. And it’s their road knowhow that has informed the tailoring and design of the Covert stuff more than their MTB clothing.

morvelo covert

Morvélo: “The Covert Series is a range of products designed to get rid of the bulky backpack. Using a combination of shaped pockets and performance fabrics, derived from our award winning road bike clothing, the Covert Series gives you the options, security and mobility for you to hide your essentials and seek out fun times.”