Are sealant woes dampening your spirits? Maybe a milky solution from the Swiss hills is the answer...

A new tubeless system promises to end maintenance woes and make it hassle free to check and top up sealant levels.

The MilKit system uses a special valve to allow you to preserve your tubeless set-up without removing the tyre or blocking the valve.

The MilKit syringe

The MilKit syringe

The valve has won a number of awards in its native Switzerland, and was used by Christian Sauser on his way to winning the Cape Epic. Now the guys at MilKit are bringing it to the mass market.

The valve comes in two parts. The outer section fits through the rim and has a sealed rubber flap at the bottom. This remains constantly installed and forms a seal that neither air nor the sealant can escape through.

The needle piercing the rubber seal

The needle piercing the rubber seal

The second part is the core, which pierces the rubber flap and works like a standard presta valve. This is taken out when you want to check the sealant levels.

To do this, you remove the valve core and the rubber flap on the outer section closes, so no sealant or air is lost. You then insert the syringe needle – that re-pierces the flap – allowing sealant to flow into the syringe for you to measure. If you need to top up the sealant you can do this using the syringe as well. When you have finished, repeat the process in reverse order to get your bike ready for the trails.

This is great news for those of us who don’t have an air compressor as it means you can complete the whole process without deflating the tyre.

The guys at MilKit are hoping to crowd-fund the project and have a $25,000 (£16,350) funding target. After the first day they have already received $8,500 (£5,500) from 200 backers, making the project look extremely likely.

Two MilKit valves cost $25 (£16.36) (not including the syringe) and there are early bird offers on the Indiegogo page.