Is it 'open-face' or 'half-face' these days?

Details of the new MET Roam helmet that’s designed to be ideal for enduro racing whilst retaining real-world trail riding practicality.

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It’s MET’s 30th birthday this year – bon anniversaire MET! – and to celebrate they’ve gone and released a rather snazzy looking new enduro helmet called the Roam.

met roam

The new MET Roam helmet

MET Roam

The Roam has been developed with enduro racers Isabeau Courdurier, Killian Bron and Liam Moynihan and as such sports a couple of neat touches that reflect its racing intentions. Namely the breathability, the goggle-retention system and the flexible peak.

The Roam has also noticeably more head coverage than previous MET helmets. There’s no detachable chin-bar or anything convertible like that. This is a fixed open-face lid and proud of it.

met roam

Air channeling

One of MET’s thangs has always been airflow and cooling. The Roam is no different. As well as a generous 22 vents, inside the helmet are a series of air channels that enable and promote air flow over your head and the tops of your ears.

The helmet itself is your usual EPS (expanded polystyrene) affair covered in polycarbonate shell. Three separate sections of polycarbonate shell to be exact, which offers total protection of the EPS and also enables the multi-colour and multi-finish (gloss/matt) aesthetic. Which is nice.

met roam

Goggle retaining clip on the peak

The peak is injection molded and deliberately flexible. Not so flappy as to be annoying or distracting but pliable enough to move upon impact to prevent any undesirable jarring forces to the wearer’s noggin.

The clever peak also has integral goggle strap clips to keep the goggles in place during transitional stages when the goggles are off and the peak may be moved up and down into any of its three indexed positions.

met roam

That yellow thing is the MIPS liner

If you don’t wear goggles don’t worry, the helmet also works just fine with glasses. There is a specific vent on each side under the visor that accepts glasses arms as and when you want to stash your specs up there.

met roam

SAFE-T Orbital retention

Other stuff… Integral strap for GoPros or lights, MET’s new SAFE-T Orbital retention system (pic above), 335g (medium) or 360g (medium w/ MIPS), three sizes from 52-62cm, seven colours, available in £150 MIPS or £130 non-MIPS versions. Available sometime in September.