The MagLOCK uses magnets to keep you secured to your pedals

Have you ever wished for a middle ground between the unforgiving hold of clipless pedals and the bucking vibrations of flats? Well, an attractive prospect may just have surfaced on Kickstarter.

The MagLOCK uses magnets built into the pedal to keep your feet secure. As there is no mechanical clipping device you can disengage easily and MagLOCK claims that significant float is also possible.

The pedals will come with a magnetic insert that attaches to your clipless shoe in the same way as a cleat. With this attached you just have to hover your foot near the pedal and the magnets will naturally engage to secure your feet.

Maglock kickstarter 2

You can change the number of magnets that are used in the pedal and MagLOCK believes that an attractive force of up to 16 kilograms is possible. To disengage from the pedal you roll your foot outwards and the shoe should just come away.

They can be used as flats as well, so if you want to nip to the shops you don’t have to perch on stubby clipless pedals.

These pedals don’t come cheap, however. A Kickstarter discount brings them down to $100 (£64) but they would normally retail for $140 (£90). This makes them a similar price to a pair of the premium Crankbrothers Mallets. Having said that you could pay a lot more for something like a pair of Chromag Contact flats.

Maglock Kickstarter 3

It’s easy to scoff at Kickstarter, but other recent projects such as ShockWiz, Upper Downs and Flare Rider Co have all been successfully funded, making it seem a viable option for small mountain bike businesses.

MagLOCK is hoping to raise $12,000 and considering they’re at $5,000 already, this could be another Kickstarter success story.

Check out the MagLOCK Kickstarter here.