No more plastic bottles and tubeing

It seems like the Taipei bike show is awash with unreleased mountain biking goodies. After getting the lowdown on the latest rubber from Maxxis yesterday, today we can show you Leyne’s innovations for 2016.

These pumps won’t be launched officially until Sea Otter so you’ll have to wait until April for the lowdown on UK pricing and availability but here’s the lowdown on the main features.

Lezyne Pressure Overdrive

This is a brand new floor pump that has a large volume chamber that can be charged up before dumping air rapidly into a tyre. This will work a bit like a ghetto tubless kit, or the Airshot canister, and should be ideal for seating a tubless rim.

Lezyne Pressure overdrive 2

The pump comes with an ABS-2 chuck that is pushed (as opposed to screwed) onto the valve. It also has a valve that can be used to gradually bleed air allowing you to tune in your desired pressure.

The pump has an alloy, steel and solid wood construction with a long, braided hose.

Lezyne Micro Floor Driver XL

Also new from Lezyne is a beefed up version of its popular Micro Floor Drive that sits in the space between a mini-pump and a track pump.

Lezyne Micro Drive XL

The XL Lezyne Micro Floor Driver XL now caters for plus-size and fat bike riders, however it is not supplied with any frame brackets as it is designed to be carried in a back pack. It is only available in black and gold.

Lezyne has promised that more new products will be unveiled at Sea Otter.