Men, ever found yourself jealous of those yellow and turquoise tie-dye shorts? Well now you can, if Flare Clothing Co can raise £7,500 on Kickstarter

Women’s clothing brand Flare Clothing Co has turned to Kickstarter to launch its brother brand, Flare Rider Co.

The company will produce male-only clothing using the same four-way-stretch, water-repellent fabrics as the women’s brand. Flare Rider Co. is hoping to raise £7,500 and currently has 48 backers pledging a total of £2,625.

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The brand will launch with two lines, Roost and Stage.

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The more durable range featuring an abrasion-resistant polyester jersey available in grey or black, and shorts, made using 500D Cordura fabric, in red only.

Flare Riders Co Roost Line


A lightweight range aimed at all-day riding. The jersey comes in blue or navy and has a concealed pocket. The water-repellent shorts are grey and feature reinforced seat panelling.

Flare Riders Co Stage Line

Hannah Myers, 25, the owner of both companies, said she had always imagined launching a men’s brand but it was the “overwhelming public support” at races and events up and down the country that made her come to the decision so quickly.

She started a brand new company specifically for men because she doubted Flare Clothing Co.’s “shred like a girl” tagline would ring true with male customers.

Although she admits that Kickstarter is a “bit of an unknown”, Hannah used it to give her brand a big launch platform. She said: “We really wanted to get a large amount of product out there from the word go, and we can offer a 40 per cent discount this way!”

Flare Rider Co. will also be launching a Signature Casual Clothing range. Our pick is the Spirit of Enduro t-shirt, a celebration of mountain biking’s favourite inside joke.

Flare Riders Co. Casual

The Kickstarter can be found here