Stainless steel braided hose and fittings / Kevlar lined / 1.4m hose in standard / 1.8m extra long in pink and clear / Pressure rated to 13,000psi / Also carbon finish
Contact: Fibrax 01978 356744,

Providing a comprehensive aftermarket kit compatible with all major brake manufacturers makes perfect sense, however, it does require extra care at the instruction stage to ensure the correct fittings are used for your specific disc brakes. That said, the provided instructions are simple to follow, and there’s no complicated procedures involved, so a half competent home mechanic should have no problems. The kit also includes additional plastic hose guides, to keep everything neat and tidy, and used strategically will help prevent cable rub on the metal work. With a number of brakes now offering braided hoses as standard equipment, there are perhaps less reasons to buy aftermarket kits, unless, like this eye-catching length, you want to inject a splash of colour or add a unique finish to your ride. If you’re looking to replace damaged hoses then these are a safe bet for quality and ease of fitting.