Those iconic yellow brakes

New Danny MacAskill film shows footage of him riding as a 15 year old in 2001 mixed in with him riding now in 2016.

The film is nominally to launch his new signature disc brake from Magura – and a nice bit of marketing it is – but that shouldn’t stop you enjoying the film in its own right as a cool bit of then-and-now trials riding from the world famous Scot.

When was the last time you saw a Danny MacAskill film that wasn’t worth watching eh?

We say “learning how to ride a trials bike” but that’s a bit of understatement. In the fantastically recent-but-retro camcorder footage of Danny as a 15 year old on the Isle of Skye he’s clearly already a skilled and committed trials bike handler.

And we can forgive the blatant product promo because, for once, the product being referenced is a genuinely iconic bit of mountain bike history – those flouro yellow hydraulic rim brakes that all pro trials riders had back-in-the-day.

In the film, Danny recollects memories of seeing images of trials legends Martin Ashton and Martyn Hawyes in MTB mags back when he was growing up.


Danny MacAskill: “If I was to tell my 13 year old self that I would one day have a signature MAGURA brake in Raceline Yellow, I think I would have laughed!”

Having said all that, the signature brake of Danny MacAskill is not a hydraulic rim brake. It’s a hydraulic disc brake: the Magura MT7 Danny MacAskill.


The MT7 calliper is a 4-pot calliper that offers a lot of potential stopping power. But it’s the new HC3 brake lever that’s the more interesting end of things. It’s one-finger specific. It’s very adjustable with Allen-key reach adjust and something called “ratio adjust”. This is something that offers fine tuning of the brake lever’s amplification ratio. It’s adjusted via a T25 Torx key.

And it’s in flouro yellow. Obviously.

Price-wise we haven’t got a confirmed UK price yet but it’s listed on Magura’s website for €699,90.