2, 2.5L, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm Allen keys / Torx T25 / Mavic, 15g and 14g spoke keys / Chain tool / Disc brake spreader / Bottle opener, 10mm flat head and Phillips screwdrivers
Contact: Upgrade 01403 711611

Nineteen tools for £25 is good value but the Stainless-19 is too wide and has short keys. This means it’s difficult to work the tool in a confined space and there’s not enough leverage to remove or tighten pedals or crank bolts. The Mavic spoke key is a nice touch but it’s a really loose fit on the splined nipple. Lezyne’s chain tool lacks the secondary tab to release stiff links. The only saving grace is the L-shaped 2mm, which can be used for reach adjustment.