The S.O.S. tool range showcases several new ways to keep your trailside repair kits close at hand.

Crankbrothers has launched a new range of on-the-bike tools, with the range called Save Our Shred, or S.O.S. This range is less about innovative ways to hide your tools inside your bike, and more about easy access. There are several different product options in the range, from a multi-tool to brackets for your CO2 canisters and pump. We featured the Crankbrothers M20 MTB in our guide to the best MTB multi-tools, so we know Crankbrothers can produce trail-side tools.

Crankbrothers S.O.S.

The bottle cage mounts mean you don’t need to sacrifice any cage space for tool storage

Crankbrothers S.O.S need to know:

  • Several options for attaching tools to the bike, including a bottle cage, direct mount to the down-tube or strapping to a frame tube
  • Several different base tools, with add-ons available
  • Prices start from €14.99
Crankbrothers S.O.S.

The multitool features over 14 separate tools in one package

What’s in the range?

A lot of multi-tools claim to have everything you’d need for a trail-side repair, but unless you ride with a workshop on your back it’s unlikely you’ll always have everything you need. Instead, carrying a select few bits and pieces is the best way to go about being prepared for mechanicals – and Crankbrothers looks like its bringing out some decent contenders in the S.O.S. range.

The main tools or base tools, shall we say, include: the TT17 Twin Tube Tool Kit, which houses a multi-tool, space for a CO2 cartridge (or jelly beans), and a tyre lever to name a few. This can be mounted to the bottom side of the top tube, for easy access. Prices start from €119.99.

Crankbrothers S.O.S.

The BC18 comes with space to store a mini pump or CO2 canister as well as the multitool

Next up is the BC2 Bottle Cage+. This fits into a regular bottle cage slot, and comes with a tyre lever, tyre plug tool and two plugs. It’s priced at €39.99.

The upgrade of the BC2 is the BC18 Bottle Cage Tool Kit. This kit comes with a bottle cage, tyre lever and plug tool and plugs as before. But also includes a multitool, and space to store a pump or a CO2 canister. It costs €99.99.

If stashing stuff on your top tube is more your style then Crankbrothers has launched the TS2 Tube Stash+ and the TS18 Tube Stash Tool Kit. The TS2 is the ‘base’ model and is essentially a storage strap for a tube, with an integrated tyre lever and tyre plug tool.

The TS18 is the upgraded version, with a multitool and space for a CO2 canister or mini pump. The TS2 costs €29.99 while the TS18 costs €89.99.

You can also buy the Tyre Lever and Plug Tool Kit separately, for €14.99.

Crankbrothers S.O.S.

The TT17 Twin Tube Tool Kit is an expensive bit of kit, but comes with all the essentials

While these aren’t the most affordable on-bike tool storage options, they do look pretty neat and the multi-tool itself looks decent. The multi-tool features 7 Allen key fitments, a T25 torx tool, a chain tool, spoke wrenches, a valve core tool, and a flat head screwdriver. So there’s plenty for you to fix your bike with when it requires mechanical attention.

The new tools are available to buy now through the Crankbrothers website or local retailers.