The next big thing?

Bell has teamed up with a 360 degree camera company to create the snappily named Bell Super 2R with 360fly helmet. It has been described as a “smart helmet” and features an integrated 360 degree camera.

The detachable camera is a 360fly 360 4K that can shoot in conventional 16×9 video or 2880 x 2880 360° at up to 30 FPS. The camera links to an app that allows you to edit and share the video from your phone. It will also record your location, your height and your speed and has a claimed battery life of two hours.

Check out a video of a 360fly camera below, note, this is not from the helmet but it gives you an idea of how the camera might work.

The Bell Super 2R was the winner of our trail helmet test earlier this year and while it is a fantastic product in its own right, what really sets it apart is its unique ability to morph into an enduro racing-friendly full face by adding the optional chinbar.

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The camera is sunk in to the helmet so that only the domed lens is peeking out of the top. This means that the styling isn’t affected too much and you don’t have an ungainly, and potentially dangerous, camera sticking out of the top of your head.

Bell super 2r with 360 fly featured in the wild

360° footage is claimed to be the next big thing in personal recording and a step along the road towards virtual reality. So far we’ve not seen any 360° video that really convinces us, it’s much lower quality than what we’re used to and some browsers and devices don’t even support it, but hopefully it will grow to fulfil its potential in future.

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The helmet will go on sale “later in the year” and there’s no firm pricing yet, however with the helmet costing £100 and the camera a further £272 ($399.99) don’t expect it to come cheap.

We’ll keep you updated with news as we get it.