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Point of View cameras are great for letting us get unparalleled access to someone else’s riding. Whether that’s a top level downhill racer, a winning run from Red Bull Rampage or your mate’s most embarrassing crash, we’ve all checked out some first person footage before.

The problem is, sometimes having a plastic and metal cube attached to your body isn’t that safe, if you land on it during a crash you could end up doing some serious damage. In fact, if you’re racing the UCI will now only allow you to fit them on helmet visors due to safety concerns.

Rollei safety pad mount

However, Rollei is hoping to make helmet camera injuries a thing of the past thanks to its Safety Pad mount. It works similarly to a ski binding where the camera is released when enough pressure is applied. Rollei claims that the camera will remain steady and reliably fixed under normal use.

Rollei is not the first to come up with this concept, Bell uses a quick release system on its Super helmets that’s designed for the same purpose, however the Rollei system should be compatible with any helmet.

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The Safety Pad is compatible with with GoPro and Rollei cameras and can be fitter to curved or flat surfaces. It will be available from the end of August and cost £19.99.

You can see the safety report for the mount here