The ultimate enduro helmet gets the week off to a flying start.

For those of you who can’t wait until the reviews come out in the magazine or go up online, here’s another in our series of pre-emptive peeks into recent test product arrivals.

Here’s last week’s Arrivals for those who missed it.

Fox Proframe helmet

Price: £215.00

The new Proframe fullface is one of the lightest full protection helmets on the market. A little over 700 grams, it still exceeds all safety standards. Could this be the ultimate enduro helmet?

X-Fusion Microlite RL shock

Price: £279.99

A rear shock for all you gram-counters out there. The X-Fusion Microlite RL offers svelte minimalism. This one is the 190 x 51mm version which, as you can see, comes in at just over 200g.

Tioga Surefoot Slim pedal

Price: £18.99

Plastic flat pedals are a popular way of lopping weight off the bike and these Surefoot Slim pedals are super light. Longer moulded pins should give grip without wrecking shins.

Orange Seal sealant

Price: £14.99 (8oz with injector)

Made with Nanites. Orange Seal is capable of sealing punctures up to 6mm and slits of up to 19mm. This should help with the flint.

Giant Control Mini Combo pump

Price: £19.99

A track pump you can fit in a pack. A fold out footrest, T-handle, high volume and gauge makes short work of chunky mountain bike tyres.

Tile Mate

Price: £23.00

Tiny Bluetooth based tracker to keep an eye on your property. The durable Tile Mate can be discretely stuck to your bike or attached with the custom Zip Strap (£15). Linked to the proprietary smartphone app and you can track in case it gets stolen.

B-Twin 700 Carbon shoes

Price: £89.99

Super stiff carbon sole mountain bike shoe and dial adjustments. For less than ninety pounds! The sole looks super aggressive and can take studs for extra grip.

Maxxis Ardent Race Folding 3C EXO TR

Price: £64.99

Ideally suited as a technical XC/marathon tyre. The Ardent Race takes the best of the trail oriented Ardent and the XC favourite Ikon and mixes them to create a great mixed condition tyre.

Schwalbe Nobby Nic EVO Snakeskin

Price: £58.99

The more aggressively treaded Nobby Nic is a favourite when extra grip is needed. These are the 2.35 29er versions.

Schwalbe Rocket Ron EVO Snakeskin

Price: £58.99

The trails are drying and it’s time to bring out another classic fast tyre. The medium height, soft compound tread should see times and PBs start to tumble.

Scott Vivo Plus MIPS

Price: £89.99

Scott’s trail focused Vivo now comes in this Plus form with added MIPS safety. Lightweight and stylish, it’s available in other colours if you want to avoid the ‘safety’ orange.

We’ll be back next week with another dump of juicy and fresh new product that’s yet to arrive at mbr HQ. Get a move on Royal Mail!