E-161 utilises the same 64˚ head angle, 445-515mm reach and 78.7˚ seat angle of regular 161

Quick peek at Privateer E-161 ebike. More information on geometry, kinematics, build specs, and release date will be made available in the coming months.

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privateer e-161

Privateer E-161 press release

Way back during the first meetings with our EWS racer Matt Stuttard, before the Privateer 161 was even finished, he was asking about the possibility of us creating an e-MTB. He wanted to use it as a training tool, just as capable as his race rig, but with the assistance to get him back up to the top, letting him squeeze more runs out of those short winter days.

When Shimano approached us to work with their upcoming drive unit, we were humbled. Knowing this to be an incredible opportunity, we went straight to the drawing board to design Matt’s e-bike.

The E-161, as the name suggests, borrows a lot from it’s EWS proven sibling. Taking the key ingredients like progressive geometry and rider-focused features, then mixing them with brand new Shimano EP8 drive unit, creates the blueprints for our race-ready e-MTB. To ensure it’s ready to handle any stage, the E-161 utilises the same 64˚ head angle and 445-515mm reach figures of the 161, whilst the 78.7˚ seat angle keeps you centred as you climb to the next peak.

After almost 12 months of discussion and design work, the E-161 finally took its first spin. Whilst we are already proud parents, we know there is still room for improvement.

Over the coming season we’re going to be testing and developing the E-161 with Matt Stuttard, Chloe Taylor, and Matt Simmonds, to ensure it’s ready to serve riders like you.

“e-MTB’s allow you to explore more extreme terrain, whilst also being a great training tool for Enduro and DH racing. Plus they let me keep up with my 86 year old Grandad while he’s in turbo!”
– Matt Stuttard