Worth it for the geometry chart alone

The Pole progressives have launched a brand new 180mm travel machined monster truck bike… and an enduro race team to pilot it.

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Pole Stamina need to know

  • 180mm travel enduro race bike
  • 250 x 75 shock size
  • 73mm threaded BB
  • Three bottle mounts
  • 29in or 27.5+ wheels
  • External cable routing (with stealth dropper routing)
  • Head angle: slack
  • Reach: plenty
  • BB height: not too low, not too high
  • Seat tube angle: steep
  • Chainstay length: balanced
  • Fork offset: choose whatever your fashion tells you
  • SRP: complete bikes from €6,450, frameset €4,190

pole stamina 

Pole boss Leo Kokkonen: “Machine was an eyeopener to me and as I felt that there is something yet to be discovered beyond the superbike. On the forums, the keyboard warriors think that they have solved the riddle of geometry and suspension. The current status quo is that you need a short travel bike to pedal efficiently and have fun on the trail and the long travel bike makes your ride sluggish, and it’s only for really steep downhills. I think that this paradigm is false. The suspension can be designed so that it is same time active and supporting. Also, the internet says that the fork offset, head angle, reach and the chainstay length can individually determine how the bike rides. Machine and Stamina are the same material, almost the same geometry, and nearly the same kinematics but yet they ride entirely different. The reason is that the bike is not just designed around one feature. The bike is complete when every millimeter of the frame have been adjusted with the true purpose of functianlity. We designed the whole frame again from a clean desk. All we left was the kinematics and the basic geometry concept. We were astonished how good the Stamina came to be. The descending is buttery smooth, and it climbs like a mountain goat. I made two personal records UPHILL on my first home trail ride. We think that publishing the geometry table is just irrelevant here and that’s why we won’t even publish the actual numbers. Anyone who wants this bike, know already why the bike is designed. Here is the new platform for the Pole bikes. Stamina.”

Pole Enduro World Series team

Leo Kokkonen: “It’s again, time to put our money yet again where our mouth is. Our goal is to climb to the podiums on Enduro World Series and prove our concept in the top level against the other top riders and teams.”

Pole’s race team comprises Leigh Johnson and Joe Nation. With the one and only Matti Lehikoinen as team boss.