Three years later, the Pivot e-bike has been significantly upgraded with the latest Shimano bits.

Pivot has upgraded its Shuttle e-bike with the latest Shimano mid-drive motor technology and Fox suspension bits.

For those mountain bikers who appreciate the ride quality of Dave Weagle’s rear suspension designs, the appeal of an e-bike with one of his linkage solutions is obvious.

Pivot has an established relationship with Dave Weagle and its new Shuttle combines the American suspension expert’s engineering genius, with more power and less weight.

From E8000 to EP8

Like many other mountain bike brands, Pivot has chosen to adopt the new Shimano EP8 mid-drive motor system. Its compact size allows for less compromise when packaging components and frame dimensions.

With the new EP8 anchoring Pivot’s Shuttle, it provides 85Nm of torque output.

The upgrade to EP8 has given Shuttle a 21% gain over Shimano’s previous E8000 mid-drive motors and best of all, it comes at 380g lower mass, for the motor unit.

Pivot’s industrial designers have managed to integrate a 726Wh premium battery option for the new Shuttle, which should deliver a very full day’s enduro riding.

There are also 635- and 508Wh lithium-ion power packs, for those riders who wish to shave a few additional grams of weight – or some budget.

With the Shimano EP8 motor, Pivot has been able to better optimize its pedal-assist algorithm.

The new motor delivers a smoother and more natural convergence of rider input and motor torque, allowing you to climb with confidence on steep and technical terrain, without the bother of having to control wheelie surges.

With a 140mm shock and 160mm fork, the new Shuttle sits a 64.3° head angle and on a size large, you’ll have 460mm of reach. That makes sit nearly a whole degree slacker up front and with a 5mm lower bottom bracket, cornering agility should be superior to the previous Shuttle.

The new Pivot Shuttle build kit is a blend of XTR drivetrain and four-piston brakes, with XT cranks. Suspension is Fox’s shiniest Kashima coated kit, with a Float DPX2 at the rear and e-bike specification 38 fork up front.

Unlike many rival e-bikes, the Pivot Shuttle is a true 29er and does not use the mixed wheel size configuration. Recommended retail is £10750.