Pinnd is a new flat pedal brand, manufacturing in Scotland. Its launch product is the CS2, featuring some huge traction pins for maximum grip.

Big pins and many of them, with the Scottish made CS2 flat pedal. In a time of bike component scarcity and rising awareness concerning the CO2 burden of imports, Pinnd is offering a new UK produced affair that aims to compete with the best mountain bike flat pedals out there whilst offering something a bit different to most.

Designed and engineered in Scotland, these flat pedals are machined from 7075 T6 grade aluminium and shaped using sophisticated five-axis CNC tooling.

Beyond the clever brand name, Pinnd has created a flat pedal that looks great, with all the design details you’d expect, from a start-up.

Pinnd by name…

Pinnd – with big pins

The pedal’s official naming convention is CS2 and they don’t appear to lack for traction.

Pinnd’s intricately machined pedal body houses 13 pins per side. At 5mm in length and with a rounded tip, these pins are sure to find grip, regardless of your flat pedal shoe choice.

Riders also have the option of selecting either stainless steel, titanium or aluminium, pins. Pedal weights with the stainless pins is 420g, dropping to 395g with a titanium traction interface and 385g, when built with aluminium pins.


Classic UK CNC aesthetics

Made for riding in muddy conditions

Platform dimensions measure to 110mm x 105mm. The CS2’s are 18mm thick in the middle, which make them quite chunky.

The CS2 pedals spin on a combination of HK1015 needle inboard bearings and oil-sealed cartridge outer bearings. Titanium spindles complete the rotational structure and the design objective was to create a flat pedal that will run robustly, even in the worst winter conditions.

Pinnd is so confident of its manufacturing process, that the CS2 flat pedals have a five year warranty. They are priced at £195.00 and come in black or a polished raw finish.