An early Christmas prezzie from Shimano

Skive fodder: 26 minutes of Peat and Vouilloz chatting about the good ol’ days.

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Find out Steve Peat and Nico Vouilloz’s thoughts on…

What’s the best thing about being retired?

What’s the worst thing about being retired?

What do they do now as a job?

Do they have crazy memories of each other at the races?

When they see each other on the trail do they still want to race each other or just have fun?

Which race was the hardest to lose to each other?

What do they think about e-bikes?

What’s their opinions on the evolution of downhill tracks?

What was your all time favourite rack track?

Is there something that they had back in the day that they miss having now?

What do they think of the new generation of riders?

If they were asked by the UCI, what would they change to make downhhill better?

What do they think about enduro?

Any plans to get their kids racing to keep the Peat/Vouilloz battle alive?

Do they have any questions to ask each other?