There's life in the old dog yet...

Steve Peat’s complete section from the long awaited Gamble film has been released and it’s a banger!

Filmed around his native Sheffield, Peaty has used the opportunity to showcase a collaboration of local love for all things two wheels and a vision to create something personal in the heart of the Outdoor City, Sheffield.

The whole idea of this segment was to bring together some of the key elements of Steve’s home, the inner city greenery on offer, a thriving local riding scene and the soundtrack from a local band that goes by the name of the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ that you may have heard of.

So sit back, grab a cup of tea (Yorkshire tea natch) and enjoy some quality riding by the UK’s finest exponent of facial hair and northern accents.

GAMBLE Film is available on ITUNES, Amazon Prime, Google play, Vimeo on demand and more.