There's life in the old dogs yet

Watch this inspiring video of 71 year old Dr John Rideout as he continues to take on the trails of Whistler Bike Park and show them who’s boss.

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Video description “71 and still Shredding, Dr. John Rideout Shredding the Whistler Bike Park in 4K –

“Dr. John Rideout Shredding the Whistler Bike Park at 71 in 4K Some words from John, -Race History…….3-time World Masters DH champion/1 Canada cup Masters championship -Favorite Whistler Bike trail…..Freight train into Dirt merchant into lower A line into Hornet -Most troubling Bike trail….lower Joy Ride -Short term challenge….avoid thinking like a 26 year old as I drop into Dirt Merchant -Long term challenge …..knowing when to sell the DH bike -Philosophy to live by….”Good judgement comes with experience,experience comes with bad judgement” -Most frequent question….How old are you…..”old enough to know better, young enough not to care -Worst injury…..Bilateral wrist fractures/separated right shoulder on Whistler’s clown shoes We are talking about going to Mt St. Anne in 2019 for the World Masters Championships.”