The Scottish high-pivot bike brand has increased the rear travel specification on its dual-suspension 29er.

Deviate cycles have been one of the prime movers in the high-pivot mountain bike revival.

The Scottish brand has now expanded its product portfolio with a new version of the Highlander, increasing rear suspension travel from 140- to 150mm.

Although the Highlander’s carbon-fibre frame remains unchanged, this 150mm version does have a different rocker link. The result is more travel and greater progression in the Highlander 150’s leverage curve.

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Slacker and a touch shorter – across the top

Any increase in suspension travel will alter geometry numbers and the Highlander 150 is slightly slacker than Deviate’s 140 variant. The head angle reduces by half a degree on the Highlander 150, settling at 65°.

With both the 140- and 150mm Highlanders having a similar front-triangle, the new version’s slacker geometry also trims reach by 3mm, to 467mm on a size large.

Beyond its increase in travel and slight geometry change, everything that high-pivot fans have come to expect from the Highlander 140 is present on the new 150. That means you get 29×2.8” rear tyre clearance, a threaded bottom bracket to mitigate against creaking and cable gutters for a slick overall bike appearance, without sacrificing ease of access, if need to do some maintenance.

You can keep it running smoothly – yourself

The Highlander 150’s high-pivot design uses a silent 18t idler, spinning on dual outboard sealed bearings. Grease ports are present on all the bike’s rear suspension pivots and its idler, which should appeal to home mechanics.

Even with the 10mm increase in travel, Deviate’s Highlander 150 still manages to configure with a 126-link chain, avoiding the bother of having to join chains to link-up its drivetrain.

The Deviate Highlander 150, with a choice of air or coil shocks, is priced at £2699 and comes with a lifetime warrantee and crash replacement policy. Owners of the Highlander 140 also have the option of buying the new rocker link to bump-up the rear suspension travel on their bikes.