"White ? for the White House ??"

Nino Schurter had a bit of a laugh with some barefaced cheek on Instagram but it appears it may have landed him in hot water with his employers.

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As reported by the Associated Press, Olympic and World Champion XC mountain biker Nino Schurter may be in a spot of bother with his employer (the Swiss Army) after a cheeky Instagram Story that depicted him and some friends dropping their pants outside the White House.

Alongside the photo was the caption “White ? for the White House ??” and Donald trump was tagged in the pic.

Nino has since deleted the photo from his social media channels. But, as is always the case, someone screenshotted it and stuck it on their Twitter account here.

Technically, Nino (33 years old) was on service duty for the Swiss Army during the time the offending photograph was taken and as such will likely face some sort of disciplinary action from his superiors. No details of any disciplinary action will be made public however.

The Swiss Army have stated that they don’t want ot make a big deal out of the incident and confirmed that Schurter has apologised to his superior officer.

Gold medal Olympian and multiple World Champ and World Cup Series Overall winner Nino himself has stated that the photo was a spur of the moment thing and that he loved being in the USA.