If dripping lubrication is a frustration to you, Muc-Off now has an aerosolized version of its wet lube.

Winter riding is tough on your drivetrain and chain care is crucial.

Meticulous lubrication can be a burden to some riders, especially after having spent much of their maintenance enthusiasm on having cleaned a chain and drivetrain of mud.

For those mountain bikers who do not enjoy the effort of dripping lube onto each chain link or roller, Muc-Off has a solution of convenience.

The bike cleaning brand is now offering an aerosolised version of its wet weather specific lube. Simply aim the nozzle at your chain and depress the charger to spray an appropriate volume of wet weather lube.

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More volume for your money

Beyond the advantage in terms of convenience, versus the conventional drip method, the aerosol version of Muc-Off’s wet weather lube offers better value.

Priced at £9.99 for 400ml, the Muc-Off wet lube aerosol option is a compelling choice versus a 120ml drip bottle, at £8.99.

Using a biodegradable formulation, the aerosol is nontoxic to apply and you don’t have to worry about the lawn or trailside ecological damage, if you use it outdoors.

Sceptics might question the value offering of the aerosol option, despite its convenience, citing the risk of contaminating a rear brake with elaborate spraying. Truth be told, you would have to make a concerted effort, to do that, as its directional reed tube delivers the wet lube to a very small, concentrated, area.

In the haste of post-ride maintenance, we are all guilty of being sloppy with our drip lube discipline and this Muc-Off aerosol solution is ideal.